Enugu Presidential And National Assembly Elections: What An Irony!

Enugu Presidential And National Assembly Elections: What An Irony!

It is quite unfortunate that the opportunistic candidates of the Labour Party in Enugu State and their members who because of the dominant role played by a section of the society to deliver Peter Obi as president of Nigeria were unmeritedly voted for by innocent voters who don’t even know them but only voted for the Labour Party as instructed, have been celebrating, abusing and mocking PDP leaders and a sitting governor on social media, not even showing any atom of concern about whether Peter Obi, who was the main reason those who influenced voters did what they did, is winning the presidential election or not.

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What a painful experience.

The Labour Party opportunists and their cohorts in Enugu State seem to have abandoned Peter Obi going by their level of celebrations and abuses on social media.

Let’s continue to pray that Peter Obi wins the election because Enugu State has currently found itself in a mess politically.

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For those who did what they did, this is a big lesson to learn from.

Politics is something else! Politicians are something else!! Human beings are something else!!!

God please help our brother Peter Obi to win, your people have sacrificed a lot.

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