Presidential Results: INEC Should Cancel The Election – Uju Edochie

Presidential Results: INEC Should Cancel The Election - Uju Edochie

The Anambra State’s spokesperson of PDP Presidential Campaign Council, Chief (Mrs.) Uju Edochie, has expressed strong condemnation of the collation process of the Presidential election which held on Saturday, the 15th of February, 2023. She faulted INEC’s deliberate insistence on sabotaging the electoral process by ensuring that results were not transmitted electronically with the BIVAS from the polling units to INEC’s server. This condition provided INEC the opportunity to manipulate figures in favour of the APC Presidential candidate at points of collation across the states and local governments that fell prey to the predatory forces and manipulations of APC and INEC.

According to Chief (Mrs.) Edochie, who spoke to a group of media men in her country home at Aguleri, the whole exercise was replete with irregularities obviously aimed at benefiting the APC’s Presidential candidate. “For instance,” she bemoaned, “at many polling units, huge number of votes cast for the PDP’s Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, were deviously not accurately recorded, while Tinubu, the APC’s Presidential candidate, had his votes falsely boosted. The disparities between the records from our agents and what INEC tries to foist on Nigerians are scary and so unacceptable to us.”

She decried the gross impunity in INEC’s mode of compromising the outcome of the presidential election, saying that it would have just been better Nigerians were spared the rigours of participating in the election against the odious APC inficted hardships in the land. “INEC shouldn’t have bothered the rest of us with all the stress. It would have been a lot better if they declared their preferred candidate a winner while we rested at our homes. That would have been more honourable than the costly deceit we were served on the 25th of February, 2023,” she said.

Going further, Chief (Mrs.) Edochie insisted that, given the magnitude of the damage done the election, the only available remedy is invalidating all the numbers bandied by INEC and cancellation of the Presidential election.

She said that Nigerians are restraining themselves from taking the law into their hands in demonstrating their frustration with the unfolding imaginary numbers from INEC, all beneficial to one man – Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, who has been indifferent to the public outcries about INEC’s connivances and failure.

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She enjoined Nigerians to be relentless in watching the development with a view to seeking legitimate redress at appropriate moment.

She insisted that only a fresh presidential election under a dedicated leadership of INEC could restore the integrity of the umpire and earn it the confidence of Nigerians.

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