A Must Read: Open Letter To All Obidients

A Must Read: Open Letter To All Obidients

Dear Obidients,


Let me say that I am very proud of you. You won the FCT and Lagos with a wide margin even by their concocted results. This confirms that you are neither ethnic nor religious in your composition or agitation for a new Nigeria. Congratulations. Your generation is the best.

However, if you stop now or allow the thieves to triumph, this old generation of vipers will think that you are a fluke, a mere infatuation, a fad they knew will soon fade away. This will embolden them to be more merciless on you and destroy you even more in future elections. You will never be allowed to choose your leaders forever. This is not an option.

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My experience in politics started when I paid millions to obtain my House of Representatives nomination form and was summoned to step down for someone else without the courtesy of telling me why. I rejected it of course. I lost faith in the Party and the politicians of the era but never lost hope in my fight for a new Nigeria. If I had done, I wouldn’t have been one of the voices today for a new Nigeria.

This fight is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We must not back down, we must not renege, we must not balk, we must not surrender. We have no other country than Nigeria. We must stay united.

This revolution has just started. Let us use this opportunity to win all the gubernatorial seats for the revolution using the Labour Party platform. Don’t allow anybody tell you that your votes will not count. Your votes will count. It may take time but they will count. If you don’t vote, there will be nothing to fight for, if you vote, we will have something to fight for.

Don’t allow anyone tell you that you will be killed if you come out. We are already dead in the face of tyranny if we keep quiet, so what are we still afraid of. Death must come one day so it’s irresponsible to fear what is sure to come. It’s better to invest someone’s life for a good cause and trust God for the best.

Come out on March 11th to vote for Labour Party. This will help in actualizing our mandate, which we obtained through @Peterobigregory.

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Thank you for birthing a new Nigeria. I love you all.

Mr Kenneth Okonkwo

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