Presidential Results: Labour Won In Rivers – APC spokesperson

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A Twitter video has surfaced purportedly showing an All Progressives Congress (APC) spokesperson confessing to discrepancies in the election results of Rivers State in Nigeria. According to the video, the spokesperson admitted that the Labour Party (LP) had won in many areas of Rivers State, but different results were announced.

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The spokesperson, whose identity is unknown, reportedly acknowledged that the LP had won the election in Rivers State, but the results were given to Bola Ahmad Tinubu, a prominent member of the APC. This revelation has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the credibility of the electoral process in Nigeria.

The Nigerian electoral system has long been plagued by problems such as vote rigging, ballot box snatching, and other forms of electoral malpractice, which have often led to violence and instability. This recent development is alarming because it suggests that electoral malpractice may still be prevalent in the country.

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