Blue Rail Line: Breaking Barriers Of Transportation In Lagos State

Blue Rail Line: Breaking Barriers Of Transportation In Lagos State

In the last four years of the present administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos state , priorities had been accorded to the development of a robust transportation system.

The positive development had placed the cosmopolitan Lagos hitherto bedeviled with acute sane transportation system improved beyond the residents imagination to the glory of all and sundry.

From land transportation to sea transportation that had reduced to the barest minimum the incidences of the suffering Lagos commuters, that had metamorphosed to the prioritizing of rail transport system in the highly dense and populated lagos.

Therefore, January 24th this year was the climax of the strategic plans by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos state to take the problems of transportation in the state to the highest ladder of improvement, with the inauguration of the state light blue Rail line, a departure from the old order introduced by the NRC and an improved system of rail transport capable of ressolving the unabated transportation problems in the state.

This is in addition to his concerted efforts in the last three years through the repositioning of land transportation with supports to the transport unions, provision of more BRT buses and floating of 10, 000 fleet of bolt like transport system known as ‘Lagos Ride’ that had reduced to the barest minimum the growing Lagos population and activities.

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Inspite of the activities of hoodlums during the nationwide protests of ENDSARS that took a larger toll and consequences on Lagos state and it’s assets with BRT buses and stations not left out, the Governor in its determination replaced without further delay more than the numbers damaged during the self inflicted riots.

Governor Sanwo-Olu as part of his blueprint to bring to an end the perennial transport and congested transportation system in Lagos delved into water transportation through provision of modern boats to address the dearth of movements to and from the riverine areas of Lagos state, therefore creating an alternatives to commuters whose preferences was now divided through a robust water and road transportation, a situation that was novel in the current Lagos state.

The operation of both water and road transportation side by side was the best option to avoid social and economic problems of the cosmopolitan Lagos state among many others.

The new Blue Light Rail line with it’s commencement from Lagos island through the mainland and strategic stations built across the other popular areas of Lagos state was described as a turning point for the he final resolution of the unabated movements in the state and it’s environs.

The new rail system capable of moving across the initial five mega stations around Lagos state will gradually replace the locomotive ones been patronised by the NRC and encourage the transition from the old order to the new fastest rail transport been used across the world.

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The carrying capacity of the modern rail line numbering over ten thousand people daily, no doubt will bring to a halt the incidences and dearth of transportation in the state.

With the new Blue Light Rail line, job opportunities will be created to the lower, middle and the high cadre in the civil service of the state, reducing the prevailing situations of joblessness in Lagos state.

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The reinvigorated Lagos State Transport Management Authority LASTMA with the recruitment of more personels and officials to manage the transport system both in the government controlled vehicles and the commercial transporters that ensured strict compliance to the laws of the land.

The new Blue Light Rail line no doubt will reduce to the low level when fully functional congestion both on the land and water transportation, as it is capable of attracting more investors into the project going forward.

For Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the record breaking investments in all sectors of transportation in Lagos state deserve sustenance and continuity, therefore his re-election in the forthcoming governorship will be a major milestone towards realising the set goals and more investment in the transport industry and lagos state.

Written By ABUBAKAR YUSUF and can be reached on [email protected].

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