What Will You Gain From Setting Peter Obi Against Soludo?

What Will You Gain From Setting Peter Obi Against Soludo?

By Cynthia Ofonagorom

I read a write-up by a faceless author, alleging that Governor Soludo has vowed to eliminate the Labour party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi. The writer equally alleged that Governor Soludo flew to Imo State where he was given five million dollars to kill his brother in the presence of Tinubu, Shettima and AVM Ben Chiobi (Rtd).

This is propaganda taken too far. How can someone sit down in the confines of his or her house to author such gibberish? Does the person know the gravity of what was written? Does he know that Mr Peter Obi and Professor Chukwuma Soludo are brothers?

It achieves nothing beyond selfish interest for someone to try to whip up sentiments and hatred between two brothers; moreso, trying to tag youths along. It’ll do more harm. Politics should be done without bitterness. This type of politics that the writer is positing will only inflame; and you know what FIRE can do.

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I’m aware that Mr. Peter Obi appears to be the leader of the Labour Party movement and I am also aware that Governor Soludo is the National leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance. Take a look at the antecedents of both parties and decipher the one that chants the Igbo cause more than the other. For instance, in Anambra and elsewhere, for seventeen years, APGA has done nothing short of promote the Igbo agenda.

I’ve read on many platforms where some people are busy canvassing to kill the APGA Brand. Ndị Igbo should be cautioned that APGA is the Identity of the Igbo person; giving it a National colouration and outlook is a different matter all together. The Labour Party and the All Progressives Congress are the identity of the Yoruba, while the Peoples Democratic Party is the identity of the North. And I ask, Ndị Igbo, what is your own identity?

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Even in the write-up authored by Governor Soludo, he unequivocally said that Mr. Peter Obi would win Anambra. True to his claim, Obi won. It is on record that during the campaign, Governor Soludo provided level playing ground for all parties, including Mr. Obi and his Labour party.

From what is happening, I see nothing short of Bandwagon effect and it is dangerous. I worry why Ndị Igbo want to join others to tear down their house, their only identity and bargaining power in the scheme of things in Nigeria.

We should be able to separate the chaff from the weat. We should be able to chase the substance and let go of the shadow. The weat and shadow in this instance is the straw of hatred currently being bandied around the place.

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We all clamour for a better Nigeria; the youth came out, among whom were first time voters, to reclaim the country. That is ongoing, but Ndị Igbo are advised to shun this politics of bitterness and chase the substance.

Come out on March 11 to support APGA. From Anambra, the party has the potential of shooting and spreading into the South Eastern States, as well as make in-road into other parts of the Country.

To the author of such write-up, if you are an Igbo person, I can only tell you one thing- make a U-turn while it is still day.

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