Tinubu Government May Protect Capitalists’ Interests — Francis Nwapa

Tinubu Government May Protect Capitalists’ Interests — Francis Nwapa

The visit of Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola to Nigeria’s president-elect Bola Tinubu, according to a socialist revolutionary activist, Francis Nwapa, shows that his government may protect policies that benefit capitalists in the country.

Dangote, chairman and CEO of the Dangote Group and Otedola, a billionaire businessman visited Tinubu in Abuja last Friday.

On Wednesday, Tinubu visited Tony Elumelu, Chairman of Heirs Holdings and United Bank for Africa Plc, at his residence in Abuja.

However, the activist expressed concern about the intimacy between the country’s business tycoons and the president-elect in a statement issued on Thursday, explaining how it may lead to the exploitation of average Nigerians.

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The statement reads: “Capitalism simply means a few business guys exploiting those that control production (workers/proletariats) through poor pay, cut in benefits, employ less to do more work, etc. for them to get richer, while those workers struggle for survival all through their lifetime.

The capitalist businessmen in most cases have no preference of who among the bourgeoise politicians that emerges political positions, in fact in most cases they release funds to all of them and wish them well, what is paramount to them is that those enabling environment and policies that ensure workers exploitation continue are sustained.

These capitalist politicians also dictate policies that the political class implement and those policies are usually never to improve the living standard of the working class or peasants but to create more avenues for them to get richer through exploitation or economic sabotage.

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“I will also add that these are the same guys who get huge loans which in most cases don’t pay back from banks and their partners in political offices still use taxpayers’ funds to bail out those banks when they collapse or in distress. They get forex at the official rate and trade at the black market with it and within a minute make billions of Naira.

They are the VIPs that our security personnel were established to protect and run errands for and they are united irrespective of religion, ethnic group or gender. The working class and peasants are only tools for wealth creation not to benefit from the wealth. The working class must unite against this exploiting class.

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The system that this injustice is built on is called CAPITALISM and that system has globally exploited the working class for over 500 years and requires an international working class solidarity to end this system of exploitation and enthrone it with a system that those who control production will control and manage the economy (SOCIALISM).”

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