Presidential Election: Atiku Has Not Moved On Yet, Sulking, Crying- By Charles Awuzie

Presidential Election: Atiku Has Not Moved On Yet, Sulking, Crying- By Charles Awuzie

According to Charles Awuzie — a South-African-Based Nigerian ICT Expert:

An Interesting Thread:

Charles Awuzie’s Post:
Move away quickly from failure…If you remain at the point of failure for too long, it becomes your IDENTITY.

Not in all situations, (referring to the recent Nigerian Presidential elections)…for instance Peter Obi’s alleged failure due to rigging, if failure is caused by rigging, there is need to fight to reverse it legally and by all possible right means instead of allowing it to be as it is and not argue or challenge the failure.

Charles Awuzie:
Well, Peter Obi has ‘moved on from the failure’ and the following are his next moves if you are smartly following him:

1. Recover key states from the Cabal
2. Remove evil governors and lawmakers from government on Saturday.
3. Ensure overhaul of INEC and the electoral process probably through street or Court. I expect protests and continuation of the legal process.
4. Training those who won elections under Labour Party on good leadership.
5. Building and preparing the labour party for 2027.

Peter Obi is not at one spot nursing the wound of a failed election… He is on the move.

Every leader has mastered the art of MOVING AWAY QUICKLY FROM THE SPOT OF FAILURE.

The only person still at the same spot of failure is ATIKU.
Where is he now? Sulking. Crying. Have you seen him campaigning for his party’s state candidates? Is he training those who won the election under his PDP? He is wounded and is nursing his wound. That’s why failure has become his IDENTITY in Nigerian politics.

You get it?

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