2023 Governorship: Ndi Enugu, Let’s Not Abandon What Is Working For The Unknown

2023 Governorship: Ndi Enugu, Let's Not Abandon What Is Working For The Unknown

…..Peter Ndubisi Mbah cares enough about Enugu State, let’s not forget this….

The news was everywhere. That one of the most consequential, most applauded, one of the most successful Governors in this democratic era, His Excellency, Sullivan Chime told Ndi Enugu; “if you say I did very well, just wait for Nbubuisi Peter Mbah, and experience the best”! This is a confirmation that the best is about to happen in Enugu State.

Enugu State voters have demonstrated consistency in their voting pattern since 1999. The symbol of umbrella, the logo of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has been ingritiated into the voting conscience of majority of the voters. The 2023 Governorship and House of Assembly elections will not be different from the norm. The reason being that testimonies abound that the PDP Candidate is a square peg in a square hole. He is packed with the best program, manifesto and developmental agenda to RECOVER and REBUILD whatever is needed to continue the developmental trajectory that Enugu State has witnessed since 1999.

Governor Sullivan Chime remains one of the best in Enugu State and therefore we cannot easily ignore his endorsement of Peter Ndubisi Mbah. Nothing works like the testimonies of a co-worker who is expected to be conversant with the records of a colleague. Sullivan Chime and Ndubisi Peter Mbah worked together for Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, the Ebeano dynasty. This is a Political leader of known pedigree. His Ebeano political family has ran Enugu State since 1999, and it’s very important that voters distinguish between realities and perceptions. The PDP family in Enugu is deeply committed to the welfare of Ndi Enugu, and no need to change what has been working, to what is unknown. Peter Ndubisi Mbah we know, whatever was not made right since 1999, he has guaranteed that he will make right.

It’s the turn of Enugu East Senatorial District, (Nkanu kingdom) to produce the next Governor, let’s not forget this fact as we all troop out to Vote on Saturday, 18th of March 2023.

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Mazi Onyeka Chilota
Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State.

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