Recent Killings By Fulani Terrorists, A Thank You Gift By APC To Benue people

Fulani Terrorists

.. Fulani Terrorists And Jihadists Wants To Introduce Indirect Rule In Benue Through APC.

The Coalition of Southern and Middle Belt Youth Leaders Assembly, COSMBYLA, the umbrella body of all the youth group in South East, South South, South West and Middle Belt region is alarmed over the decision by some Benue indigenes who despite all the killings and suffering inflicted on innocent Benue people by the APC government still went ahead to vote for the All Progressive Congress, APC, a party under whose watch Benue indigenes were massacred mercilessly by Fulani terrorists and Jihadists and they look the other way which clearly signifies approval.

Any evil that one keep quiet shows that that person or persons is part and parcel of that crime.

The Fulani terrorists and Jihadists wants to introduce indirect rule in Benue state using a face known by the Benue people.

Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia the All Progressive Congress, APC, Governorship candidate in Benue State is a Fulani stooge who have never spoken against the killings and atrocities committed by Fulani terrorists. This confirms to all that he is in bed with them.

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Benue People should ask themselves this pertinent question. If Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia was a good man as they want the gullible ones in the society to believe, why did the highly respected Catholic Church priesthood expel him from being a priest?

Priests in Catholic Church are only expelled from priesthood for bad conducts and Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia is guilty of that. Reverend Fathers are expelled for grievous offenses which is what necessitated his expulsion.

Benue people should boldly say no to any form of colonization or indirect rule which ended in Nigeria in 1960 when Nigeria got her independence from the British government.

It is the most absurd thing to hear in a 21st century that a fellow African tribe colonized another tribe using her own. God forbid!

It has been proven on many occasions that the enemy you know is better than the Angel you don’t know. Benue State have been a PDP state since 1999 and when Governor Samuel Ortom emerged as Governor through APC in 2015, Fulani Jihadists and terrorists descended on Benue State claiming ownership of Benue people ancestral lands because according to them any APC state automatically belongs to the Fulani people.

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Benue people have learnt their bitter lessons and such bitter lessons in the hands of the Fulanis should not repeat itself again because they indigenous people of Benue State might not survive such costly mistake the second time. First fool no bi fool, na second fool be proper foolishness.

After the falsified declaration of APC winning Benue state in the presidential election. The thank-you from the APC was the killing of over 100 Benue indigenes by Fulani terrorists, just two days after the elections. Which means APC victory will finalize the take over of Benue State by the Fulanis. God forbid!.

We therefore urge all Benue indigenes who truly love their state and wants to retain their ancestral lands and homes to say no to any mouth-watering promises of the APC and vote massively for the PDP governorship candidate Rt. Hon. Titus Uba and other PDP State House of Assembly candidates on 18 March, 2023.

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The number one priority of Rt. Hon. Titus Uba the PDP Governorship candidate is to secure Benue state from terrorist attacks and resettlement of Benue indigenes in Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, camps back to their homes. Mr. Titus Uba will bring on board mechanised farming, youth empowerment and employment and other democracy dividends.

Secure your future and your ancestral lands and homes now through PDP.

A word the say is enough for the wise. Enough said!


Hon. Goodluck Ibem
President General,
Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL).
Leader of COSMBYLA

Terrence Kuanum
Forum of Middle Belt Youth Presidents

Shittu Waheed
South West Youth Leaders Forum (SWYLF)

Tito Zokumor
South South Youth Forum (SSYF)

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