South East APC Young Progressives Forum Accuses Anambra REC of plot To Rig State Assembly Election For APGA

South East APC Young Progressives Forum Accuses Anambra REC of plot To Rig State Assembly Election For APGA


Good Afternoon Gentlemen of The Press, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I welcome you all to this press conference. This press conference was called to draw Nigerians attention and Gentemen of the Press to a well orchestrated plot by certain top officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) led by The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr Queen Elizabeth Agwu, to compromise the House of Assembly election billed for this Saturday, March 18, 2023.

“We have invited you all to intimate you of the fact of serial breach of the Electoral Act by these officials who rather than enforce public confidence in the commitment and capability of INEC to deliver on a credible, free and fair House of Assembly election on Saturday, March 18, 2023, these officials are working hand in gloves with well known leaders of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to hijack the aforementioned election in the state.

“We are reliably informed of a recent plot by the APGA Government in the state to use the Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr Queen Elizabeth Agwu, in Anambra State and Some INEC Electoral Officers in about 18 Local Government to suppress votes and rig the election.


Last week, The Resident Electoral Commissioner held an interactive meeting with would-be Returning Officers for the election of Saturday, 18th March 2023. Before the meeting, The Resident Electoral Commissioner had changed majority of the Returning Officers who worked in the last Presidential Election and recruit New Faces that will do her biddings for APGA. In that Meeting, The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr Queen Elizabeth Agwu, warned The Returning Officers for the State House of Assembly Elections not to declare any Assembly Seat without getting express approval from her. That she will tell them who to declare and who not to declare. We want the

After the Meeting, the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Anambra State, Dr Queen Elizabeth Agwu, held another meeting with INEC Local Government Electoral Officers, where she warned them at no point nor condition will they allow The Assembly Returning Officers to declare the Results without her approval. This directive did not go down well with some of the EOs, who believed that they are direct target of the masses if they carried out such directives.

“We were also informed that APGA led Government has instructed all the LGA Executive Chairmen to carry out what they called ‘Operation No Mercy’ against every other party agents being the Chief Security Officers of their respective LGAs, to ensure that those agents representing their respective political party interests do not gain access to the Collation Centres.

“We are also informed that plans are being made by the APGA Government in Anambra State to use the security agencies including their State Sponsored Ebube Agu and some known Thugs groups to perpetrate their election rigging plans” in some parts of ANAMBRA State. ANAMBRA State Government and APGA should be held responsible if there is any crisis in any Polling Units, Wards and Local Government in the State.

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APGA Government in Anambra State intends to penetrate this act in 18 Local Government areas. The Local Govt are: Onitsha North, Onitsha south, Aguata, Ogbaru, Anambra West, Ayamelum, Idemili North, Idemili South,Awka north, Awka south, Nnewi south, Ihiala and Ekwusigo.

We are also aware that the sum of 30 Million Naira has been provided by the Sate Government for APGA in each Local Government and some substantial amount provided for the Resident Electoral commissioner and each EOs in All the Local Government Area.

“Also, Part of the strategy to engage these EOs and Adhoc staff is for them to withhold the result sheets or disappear with the Result sheets, not to be available at the collation centres if they cannot get express approval on who to announce as the winner as directed by the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Anambra State.”

There is a plan to cancel Elections in some wards and Units where APGA Candidates are in disadvantage. They have written Petitions already in some Wards alleging violence and Irregularities when Elections have not been conducted. Their grand plan is to use INEC cancel those places where APGA is not winning and declare APGA Candidate winner with the remaining Wards.

This is why they are mobilising Thugs and Local Vigilantes through the office of President Generals of Town Unions to cause this havoc and have those units and wards nullified. Thereby giving APGA Candidates an edge and possibly declare Where APGA Candidate winner where they are leading.

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“In view of the above, our prayers are as follows: that INEC and every relevant security agency should stop all government officials from accessing the collation centres.

“That in accordance with section 43 (1) of the Electoral Act prohibiting government officials from acting from acting as agents of political parties at collations, INEC and relevant security authorities should restrict the movement of all government officials from the All Commissioners in Prof. Soludo Government, APGA Party Chairmen down to Transition Chairmen and Members.

“And that they should all stay away from Collation Centres as their presence will compromise the process.”

We are calling on National Headquarters of INEC and the security agencies to live up to their responsibilities by performing their duties judiciously. They should make sure nothing happens to all the materials meant for the election in each of the Local Govt, let elections are conducted and the best Candidate won. There should be no intimidation of any sort.

Also, Nigeria Police should seriously investigate the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Anambra State on why she should give such order to Returning Officers.

Consequences of The Planned Rigging of Election:

We are calling on Nigeria Police and DSS to hold The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr Mrs Elizabeth Queen Agwu, responsible if there is any Breakdown of law and Order in Anambra State. Dr Mrs Elizabeth Agwu has no right or power whatsoever under the Elecotal Act 2022 to tell Returning Officer to call her on phone so that she will tell her who to declare in the Election.

The process of collation of Results from Polling Units to Ward Level to State Constituency level are well stated in the Eelctoral Act. Any other counter directive is an invitation to Anarchy in the State and she should be held responsible.

We will mobilise Ndi Anambra against this selfish agenda and will not take it lightly with her. She should conduct this election based on the provisions of the electoral Act and remain an unbiased and neutral person in this election.

The Nigeria Police should as a matter of urgency investigate Electoral Officer of Ogbaru Local Government Area. The EO has become a compromised officer. We invite Police and DSS to go through his Call Logs between 26th and 15h March, 2023.

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We have it on good information that he is working hand in hand with Ogbaru Local Government Chairman, some top Anambra State Government officials to compromise even the outstanding Supplementary Election for Ogbaru Federal Constituency. That election is inconclusive today is because of the dubious Character of the Electoral Officer of Ogbaru Local Government.

We are calling on Ndi Anambra voters to be very vigilante, be at alert and always report any suspicious movement on the day of the election.

We call on Ndi Anambra to demand on spot arrival the Polling Unit results sheets and other materials for the election. The name of the SPOs and POs must be announced in various units and Wards.

We call on Ndi Anambra to take photos of those Ad-hoc Staffs in various Polling Units. They should note their names and faces.

We are calling on INEC to make sure they give original BIVAS username and Password to their Staff in all the POLLING UNITS. Let there be no stories.

We call on Ndi Anambra to make sure that all results announced are uploaded on the BIVAS Machines at the spot of that Polling Units.

Ndi Anambra Should be aware of Fake Ink pen that is in circulation in some State like Rivers State. Let the Voters come to their various Polling Units with Ink Pens we all know in the Market.

Finally, We are calling on the INEC National Chairman to call Anambra State Resident Electoral Commissioner and All the Local Government EOs in Anambra State to reapect their oath of office and allow Ndi Anambra to choose their Representatives. Whoever that wins, We will congratulate him. Election should not be do or die affair. All we want is a better State and country. Enough is enough.

Comrade Otimkpu Paschal C.
National Convener,

i.State Commander, Nigeria Police Office Force, Awka Anambra State.
ii. State Director, DSS Awka Anambra State.
iii. State Commander, NSCDC Awka Anambra State.
iv: Administrative Secretary, INEC, Anambra State.

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