If I Will Contest For Any Position In The Future, I Will Never Seek The Votes Of Igbos – Asari Dokubo

If I Will Contest For Any Position In The Future, I Will Never Seek The Votes Of Igbos - Asari Dokubo

Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo, a traditional title holder in the state of Rivers, just went live on Facebook to discuss some of the socio-political concerns that are plaguing his home state of Rivers.

Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo observed, “The prominence that Governor Nyesom Wike gave to “foreign” Igbos during the election for governor of Rivers State was one of the things that caused me the most anguish. If I ever run for public office again, I won’t bother seeking the support of the Igbo population in Rivers state, even if it means losing. I’m not referring to igbos from Ikwerre; rather, I’m speaking about igbos who aren’t really from our state.” He said, “I talked against it despite the fact that individuals from Kalabari came to ask me not to speak about it. I still spoke against it.”

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Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo continued by saying, “the reason why I would not seek their votes is if they maintain putting up this attitude of determining who becomes the governor of Rivers state.” Dokubo made this statement as he was speaking more on the topic.

Once again, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo was quoted as saying, “I would always choose to preserve my dignity than to surrender myself to some so-called ‘foreign colonialists’ who have the purpose of conquering us.”

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Finally, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo claimed, “Before to the election, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi went to speak with them about how, in the event that Tonye Cole was victorious, there would be a reexamination of legislation regarding so-called abandoned properties. Were just the igbos’ personal belongings taken into possession? Properties belonging to my uncle and a large number of other Ijaw people living in the Kalabari local government area were confiscated as well.”

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