Confess And Apologize To Nigerians Or You Won’t Have Peace – Primate Ayodele To Yakubu

Confess And Apologize To Nigerians Or You Won't Have Peace - Primate Ayodele To Yakubu

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader and founder of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church (IESC), recently turned to social media to share the message God gave him about INEC Chairman Professor Mahmood Yakubu in light of the just ended elections.

Ayodele the Ape Said “While the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has improved the electoral process in certain ways, its widespread fraud has hurt Nigeria and shown that its officials do not respect God. If you truly want peace, Mahood Yakubu, you must admit and apologize to Nigerians for all the wrongs you have committed.”

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When pressed for more detail, he added, “Why? Because of how many tears you’ve caused and how many lives you’ve taken away over this INEC issue, nobody will ever trust INEC again. They appointed you to a commission of autonomy, and now look at you—you’re acting like brats!”

Eventually, he stated, “I ask you, Yakubu, you have to redeem your image and do what is right, you will see, this is divine, and it is God who said I should tell you this, and it is a warning.” This was in reference to the Yahoo Elections that Yakubu Mahood had orchestrated for Nigerians.

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