The Election Was Not Rigged, INEC Did Well, They Can’t Carry Guns – Fayose

The Election Was Not Rigged, INEC Did Well, They Can't Carry Guns - Fayose

In a statement released by Ayo Fayose, during his interview with AriseTV, he noted that the 2023 Presidential election was not rigged, and that he disagrees with the Labour Party and the PDP that the elections were rigged. He noted that the President elect, Asiwaju won the election, free and square. He said.

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Recall when you saw the PDP chairman and the Labour party chairman, sitting down together, what they could not do before the election. They now look for alies to create the impression that the election was rigged. I disagree with them. They way you lay your bed you sleep on it. Take the PDP as an example, was the PDP expecting to win the election? The answer is No. We are badly fractured.

INEC did well, INEC can’t carry guns by themselves. INEC is not the one who gave money to security agencies, majority of us politicians, we were desperate. My position is this; Asiwaju won that election, fair and square. All of them participated in whatever odd, you claim.

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