Terrorist Attacks In Nigeria And Its Implications

Terrorist Attacks In Nigeria And Its Implications

Before now Nigeria was one of the most peaceful countries in the World where foreign investors struggled to be for businesses, obviously it was a safe heaven for investors.

But in recent times Nigeria is in elites group of terrorist countries in the world, in fact recent statistics has shown that the country is comfortably placed third most terrorist country in the world.

Taking a brief journey into some of these terror incidents that has made the country unsafe in recent years, one could recall that precisely on the 23rd of January 2012 in Kano State, there was terrorists attacks and bomblasts which left dozens of people dead. The bomblasts affected the Police headquarters in Bompai in Kano State, it also affected Zaria Road Police Division, Immigration office, Farm Centre police Division, the official residence of the Assistant Inspector General of Police , and St. Louis Secondary School.

Just two years ago on the 24th August, 2021 the Nigeria Defence Academy ( NDA) in Kaduna State staff quarters was invaded by terrorists where two Officers were killed one abducted and many injured.

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Again on June 5th 2022 terrorists attacked a Catholic Church in the city of Owo in Ondo State, over 40 persons lost their lives and several others left with different degrees of injuries.

Still fresh in our minds is the 28th March, 2022 terrorists attacks on a train conveying passengers from Abuja to Kaduna, in that incident many people were abducted and also killed.

Following these attacks the Nigerian Government have in several occasions arrested so many persons perceived to be in connection with these actions, unfortunately, the innocent ones are the victims who in most cases are killed without trial, while the prime suspects are being sent to rehabilitation centers and several of them even recruited into the Nigerian army.

This has led to many people running away as soon as they are named as a suspect in these attacks that has bedeviled the country for over 15 years now. One of such cases is that of one Mr. Isaac Porial, who got on police wanted list after he was captured by the CCTV around the environment of Bompai bomb blast hours before the incident in Kano.

Consequently, Mr. Isaac Porial, 20 and others such as Abubakar, 20, Hassan Abu, 22, Ishaka Umar, 33, Abubakar Liman, 35, Musa Aliwali, 26 etc suspected by the police are still at large till date because of injustice that characterized Nigerian system of Government, which may not give them fair hearing to explain, how much more exonerate themselves.

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As a result of this victimisation that has gone on for years, human rights lawyers in the country have in so many occasions condemned the outright killing of certain suspects due to their religious and ethnic backgrounds without opportunity for trial as enshrined in our constitution.

At this point in time, it has become imperative for the Nigeria Government to give everybody named as suspect an opportunity to defend him or herself so as to avoid extra judicial killings.
We as a country should practice true democracy in every aspect.

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