Interim Government: Ndigbo Will Not Be Part Of The Conspiracy, But.. – Ohanaeze Ndigbo Declares

Interim Government: Ndigbo Will Not Be Part Of The Conspiracy, But.. - Ohanaeze Ndigbo Declares

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has challenged the Dss to apprehend those who are exponents of the Interim Government scheme and ensure that those unpatriotic elements of destruction did not derail our democracy with evil intent to forestall the smooth transition of power from President Buhari to President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ” Ndigbo will never recognize any Interim Government or be part of the evil scheme, as the clamor for an interim government is unconstitutional, satanic and atrocious, as those behind the call for the interim Government, are only trying to plunge the country into avoidable political crises and make the Igbo as scapegoats as Nigerians witnessed in 1993 “.

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Ndigbo will participate fully in all pre-inauguration and swearing-in ceremonies of the President-Elect Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu on May 29th, 2023, and caution all of those who are working behind the scenes for the enthronement of an illegitimate interim government to use the courts to vent their resentments and grievances ” We are satisfied that Atiku and Peter Obi had explored the legal options in other to recover the mandates and challenging the outcomes of 2023 Presidential elections in court is better than restraining a smooth transition of Power in 29th May 2023, as we will not allow unpatriotic monsters to truncate our hard-earned democracy

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Ndigbo condemns the call for the establishment of an interim Government but insists that the President-Elect should be sworn in by 29th May 2023,” Ndigbo is endangered species in Nigeria and never again will Igbos be used as sacrificial lambs as we were used in 1993 during the Abiola saga, where a lot of Igbos were bullied, maimed, killed and their properties looted, the proponents of an interim Government are already setting the stage through systematic burning of Igbo populated markets in Lagos ( President-Elect’s State) and Borno ( Vice President-Elect’s State) and promotion of Hate campaigns against the Igbo, these are castles built on quicksands and Igbos are wiser and sophisticated now and we will continue to support the President-Elect Bola Tinubu and ask him to commence the healing process tour from the Southeast by releasing IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and incorporate the East into the Government of National President (GNU) by giving the President of the Senate to the people of. Southeast”.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide

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