10th Assembly: For the Sake of Equity and Fairness, North Central Deserves Speakership

10th Assembly: For the Sake of Equity and Fairness, North Central Deserves Speakership

Three election circles have come and gone and in all three, North Central has always delivered for APC. Since 2015, despite nicknaming the Zone and proclaiming it “a battle ground” for all political parties in the political ecosystem, APC has always come out triumphantly in the zone with vote margins that always eclipse and left other political parties in despair.

Such commitment to the progressives course has distinguished North Central as a region that never fails. It’s hurt though that politically, particularly when elections beckons, the zone gets its due recognition as an independent zone but as soon as elections are over and the spoils are put forward to be shared, the zone gets subjugated and shortchanged especially after being merged to the ‘North’.

This time again, the zone has delivered as always against all odds and it’s only fair that the zone be considered for the country’s number four seat and not the North West. North West shouldn’t produce the country’s President in the last election circle and be allowed to produce the speaker of the 10th Assembly in this election circle.

It’s on record that the 9th Assembly was when the North Central should have clinch the speakership and with plateau State as direct beneficiary of such magnanimity and even though Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila later emerged, Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase who withdraw for him made a bold statement with his insistence that the region should be recognized.

Recognizing and rewarding North Central with the speakership seat would only affirm the party’s position of being a fair political component with recognizable prudent rewarding system. It’ll also go further to show that the faith and commitment the zone has shown and demonstrated to APC in the previous two elections and the recently concluded one, the party appreciates the zone.

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From Kwara to Kogi to Benue to Niger to Nassarawa and especially Plateau State, APC got 25% of total votes. Equally, plateau state currently have the most outstanding representatives in the country. which is Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase who have all the credentials to be a speaker with needed impetus to lead the 10th Assembly fairly.

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Engr kabiru Abdulhamid DG on Youth Rt. hon. Ahmed Idris Wase for Speaker 10th assembly

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