I Don’t Need An Appointment To Serve Nigeria Under Tinubu – Fashola

I Don't Need An Appointment To Serve Nigeria Under Tinubu - Fashola

The Minister of Work and Housing and the former Governor of Lagos, Babajide Fashola has disclosed that he’s taking a break from the government offices after President Muhammadu Buhari vacates office on May 29th. He also indicated that he doesn’t need an appointment to serve the country under the new-President Bola Tinubu who would be inaugurated on the 29th of May, 2023. He stated categorically that not being in office does not mean one cannot serve the nation. 

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According to him, being a good citizen is particularly the best service anyone can offer to the Nation. The minister outlined that despite his relationship with the former governor of Lagos state, Senator Bola Tinubu, he does not expect to be part of his cabinet members. He pointed out that he has spent almost all of his life in office since he left school. In his words, it is only right to leave the stage when the ovation is at the loudest. 

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He said, ”If I had joined government immediately after I left school, this is the year that I will retire. I will be 60 this year, if they don’t get you with 35 years, they will get you with 60 years. If I joined government in 1988, this is the year I would have retired and that is June. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be part of the governance, I will continue to serve my country. 

I don’t need an appointment to serve Nigeria under the new President-elect Bola Tinubu. Not everybody can get into government but that doesn’t mean many people are not serving Nigeria. Being good citizens and doing our duties under Section 24 of the constitution, it is the best service we can render. You don’t need an appointment to do that, you only need the office of the citizen which is a brilliant office to hold.”

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