What APC did to David Lyon in Bayelsa State is not fair – Felix Morka

What APC did to David Lyon in Bayelsa State is not fair - Felix Morka

The All Progressives Congress (APC) National Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka, has recently made a statement regarding the treatment of former Bayelsa State governorship candidate, David Lyon, by the party. In the statement, he asserted that the actions taken against Lyon were not fair.

David Lyon was the APC candidate in the 2023 gubernatorial election. He emerged victorious in the election but was later disqualified by the Supreme Court due to discrepancies in his running mate’s credentials. Following the disqualification, the APC was unable to field another candidate in the election, resulting in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) taking over the governorship of the state.

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Felix Morka’s statement raises questions about the APC’s treatment of David Lyon in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling. While the party was unable to do anything about the court’s decision, Morka seems to be suggesting that the APC could have done more to support Lyon during the crisis. It is worth noting that Lyon was a popular candidate among the APC base in Bayelsa, and his disqualification was a significant blow to the party’s prospects in the state.

Morka’s statement is also significant because it highlights a growing rift within the APC over the handling of the Bayelsa State election. Some members of the party believe that the leadership failed to adequately support Lyon during the crisis, while others argue that the party’s hands were tied by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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The fallout from the Bayelsa State election has been a sore point for the APC, and it has led to internal divisions within the party. However, the party leadership has been quick to downplay any suggestions of infighting and has instead focused on strengthening the party’s grassroots structures ahead of future elections.

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