Peter Obi Is The Leader Of The Tribalist Headless Mob – Festus Keyamo

Festus Keyamo

One of the most confounding things you read on social media is the dubious justification for the abusive and disrespectful nature of some of these younger elements to the older generation, and which is that they are ‘justifiably’ angry with the older generation for allegedly mismanaging the affairs of our country, so the older generation does not deserve any ‘respect’.

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And then, guess what? That ‘anger’ now propels them to build a movement around a character who is straight out of the same generation they complain about and who, until last year, was part and parcel of one of the political parties housing these characters they complain about.

Whereas in actual fact, the latent reasons for the ‘movement’ are deep-seated tribal and religious sentiments carefully packaged as a movement by ‘angry youths’, and many gullible young ones were initially misled into this political guillotine.

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The contradiction is so profound that it clearly depicts the thoughtlessness, the brainlessness and the directionless exploits of the headless mob!

Peter Obi Is The Leader Of The Tribalist Headless Mob - Festus Keyamo
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