Davido And Trump Are Among Thousands Stripped Of Their Blue Checks By Elon Musk’s Twitter

Davido And Trump Are Among Thousands Stripped Of Their Blue Checks By Elon Musk’s Twitter

As of April 20th, Twitter has embarked on a massive cleanup campaign, removing thousands of verification marks from accounts across the platform. This move has affected public figures from various walks of life, including celebrities like singers Davido, Wizkid, Katy Perry, and football player Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as political figures like former President Donald Trump and even Twitter’s own founder, Jack Dorsey.

The decision to remove verification marks, commonly known as the blue checkmark, comes as part of a new approach by Twitter to ensure authenticity on its platform. In a surprising move, Rappel CEO Elon Musk announced that the deadline to receive a free blue badge was April 20th, and that the old blue checks would be deleted by that date. This decision has raised eyebrows among Twitter users, as Musk has been known to heavily rely on the subscription model for Twitter since taking over the site in October.

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With the removal of blue checks from high-profile accounts, Twitter is signaling a shift towards a more inclusive and democratic approach to verification. The blue checkmark was originally introduced to indicate accounts of public figures and celebrities that were deemed authentic, but it has been widely criticized for being exclusive and elitist, as it seemed to bestow special privileges and credibility upon those who had it. By removing blue checks from popular accounts, including those of Pope Francis and former President Donald Trump, Twitter is taking a bold step towards leveling the playing field and promoting equal treatment for all users.

This move by Twitter has sparked a renewed conversation about the meaning of verification in the age of social media. With the proliferation of fake accounts and the spread of misinformation, many argue that verification should not be limited to a select few, but should be more accessible and transparent. Some users have even called for the complete abolition of the blue checkmark, stating that it creates an unhealthy hierarchy on the platform.

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While there has been mixed reactions to Twitter’s verification cleanup, one thing is clear – the landscape of social media is evolving rapidly, and platforms like Twitter are reevaluating their approach to authenticity. As the platform continues to grow and adapt to the changing needs of its users, we can expect to see more changes in how verification is handled, with a focus on inclusivity and transparency. In the meantime, public figures and users alike will need to adjust to a Twitter without the familiar blue checkmark, and find new ways to establish their credibility and authenticity in the ever-evolving digital world.

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