Bitter Souls Should Leave Governor Soludo Alone

Bitter Souls Should Leave Governor Soludo Alone

The level of bitterness by some people whose interest is well known to all is very terrible. No one is against citizens taking responsibility and charge of government projects. Gov. Soludo himself encourages such citizen oriented monitoring and evaluation of contracts.

However, the guy who recorded the Niger street gutter is obviously a bitter soul harbouring more political animosity than patriotism.

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The facts are;

  1. The contractor is still on site, and no one has declared that project completed.
  2. The concrete cast takes a minimum of 7 days to cure and about 21 days to fully stabilize. That very gutter on Niger Street had neither cured nor stabilized before the rains of that very day, and anyone who knows Onitsha knows the volume of flood that greets every rainfall.
  3. The contractor handling the Niger Street project is the one also handling the Akpaka road project.
  4. The contractor, even from that very video recording, is still very much on site.
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Dubai as it is today did not happen in 13 months and certainly not with the kind of bitter soul that made that video. Soludo is very much on course and will never be distracted by the tantrums of politically bitter people.

I am Nkemjika Nwanolue, from Onitsha.

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