Rufai Oseni reacts to Twitter’s charge for blue tick

Rufai Oseni reacts to Twitter's charge for blue tick

Popular Arise News analyst and presenter Rufai Oseni has reacted to the eight Dollars charge placed by Twitter CEO, Elon Musk for a blue tick.

Mr. Rufai while analysing the decision taken by Mr. Musk on Arise News said:

“Discrepancies and the problems have happened in Twitter since Elon Musk bought Twitter.

“Because you sacked a lot of people, and people that are supposed to review the backing for case by case basis are no longer there.

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You just go ahead and remove without understanding the context”.

Speaking further Mr. Oseni said:

“Mr. Elon Musk is the biggest hypocrite I have seen in my life.

“He keeps talking about free speech but he is the most antagonistic to free speech”.

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