Why 2023 Census ? By Paul Nwosu

Why 2023 Census ? By Paul Nwosu
  1. The 2023 Population and Housing Census is a critical factor in Nigerias efforts towards achieving sustainable development.
  2. Nigerias inability to conduct a census in the past 16 years as opposed to the regular 10 years duration recommended by the United Nations has created an information vacuum needed for national planning.
  3. The preparations for the conduct of the 2023 Census have reached an advanced stage with the demarcation of 99 percent of the total land area of Nigeria.
  4. The 2023 Census will provide the necessary current data for poverty reduction and youth empowerment programmes targeted at vulnerable populations in the drive to ensure that we Leave No One Behind.
  5. The continuous usage of the 2006 Census creates a data gap that does no credit to Nigerias reputation as the 7th most populous nation on earth.
  6. Nigeria’s determination to conduct the 2023 Census has attracted profound international support and participation.
  7. Even against the background of the current nationwide economic recession, the 2023 Census is one huge investment Nigeria must make in the bid to get onto the path of economic prosperity.
  8. The 2023 Census can be conducted by triumphing over security concerns which after all could not mar the 2023 General Elections.
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