Trail Moment Queuing Crowd At The Airport Were Shouting ‘Ellu P’ After Sighting Peter Obi

Trail Moment Queuing Crowd At The Airport Were Shouting 'Ellu P' After Sighting Peter Obi

A video that has recently gained traction online captures a thrilling moment at the airport when a large group of people started cheering loudly upon seeing a former governor. The video has gone viral, and people cannot stop talking about it.

In the video, the crowd is seen patiently waiting in line at the airport when suddenly, their attention shifts towards the former governor of Anambra State, who walks into the airport carrying his luggage. Excitement takes over, and one person shouts out “Ellu P,” to which the rest of the people in the queue echo “71” repeatedly.

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As the video continues, we see some members of the crowd walking towards the former governor, trying to shake hands with him. However, he quickly moves on to the front desk, where he is met with a round of applause.

The video has been shared extensively on social media platforms, with many people expressing their excitement and admiration for the former governor. The video has also sparked various discussions on the impact of political leaders on society and their ability to inspire and connect with ordinary citizens.

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Overall, this viral video has provided an excellent example of the strong connection that can exist between political leaders and the people they serve. It has also shown the power of social media to bring attention to noteworthy moments and spark discussions that can lead to positive change.

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