Dear Nigerians, See Your Problem Here

Dear Nigerians, See Your Problem Here

Nigerians are suffering terribly today, despite being richly blessed by nature. The reason is because few cabals have seized everything and stored for themselves, friends and family to the tenth generation.

However, to distract the suffering masses so they don’t understand what they’re doing, they preach Igbo hate as a national ideology. Unfortunately, Nigerians mostly have low IQ and can’t think critically. Otherwise, the people should have asked themselves this question, why should I hate on Igbos?

The Igbos have no history of seizing lands from neighbors or wherever they settle no matter how large their number may be. Every single plot of land they are living on outside their indigenous territories were BOUGHT by them!

Igbos have never attacked any indigenes in their land. They’re always business minded and has helped to develop any community where they’re based. Any honest Nigerian can easily attest to this, be it Jos, Benue, Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Kaduna etc. So, why hate on Igbos?

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Igbos voted for Obasanjo (a Yoruba man) in 1999 and 2003. Igbos voted for Yaradua (a Fulani man) in 2003 and 2007. Igbos voted for Jonathan (an Ijaw man) in 2011 and 2015. Igbos raised alarm over Buhari and we’re blunt in warning other Nigerians that this man is a bigot who has absolutely nothing to offer. Now this is where things became ridiculous. Buhari emerged president in 2015 and made Igbo hating the centerpiece of his administration. They promoted all manner of evil campaign against Igbos and how Igbos refused to vote for Buhari because he was a Fulani and a Muslim. They didn’t remember that Yaradua was also a Fulani and a Muslim yet Igbos never for one day were against Yaradua. Why, because it was clear to everyone that Yaradua was a good man.

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Because of Igbophobia promoted by the Buhari administration as a distraction, Nigerians couldn’t question his gross maladministration. Any dissenting voice was immediately tagged Igbo or IPOB. So, to avoid being villified as hateful Igbo or IPOB, Nigerians kept mute while suffering. Today, almost everyone has agreed that Buhari was a disaster on Nigeria. Posterity has already proven that Igbos were right to reject Buhari. But, it’s already too late.

Once again, Tinubu has emerged under similar circumstances like Buhari. By riding on Igbophobia. Virtually every Nigerian who is educated and isn’t a tribal bigot or hoping to profit personally agreed unanimously that Tinubu has nothing good to offer Nigeria. They know he will worsen corruption, cronyism and primitive accumulation of wealth by a few. politicians.

What did Tinubu and his supporters do? They also started promoting Igbophobia and hate as a distraction. Exactly same thing that happened under Buhari. Any body who is against Tinibu is immediately called Igbo or IPOB.

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You can see evidence on social media, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Tinubu and his supporters believe that if Buhari could rule for 8 years despite his gross incompetence and the accompanying corruption and hardship on Nigerians then he too can. By using same formula of promoting hate and ethnic bashing against Igbos.

However, Nigerians are the ones bearing the brunt. If there is no Igbo hating campaign to keep the people busy with, Nigerians will begin to demand good governance without distraction. Nigerians should not allow Tinubu deceive them through blackmails. Otherwise, things are going to be far worse than it was under Buhari.

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