I’ll Score Buhari 5% – Bode George

I’ll Score Buhari 5% – Bode George

Chief Bode George, the former Deputy Nation­al Chairman of the Peo­ples Democratic Party (PDP), has rated the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari five percent in the management of the country for eight years, stressing that he has failed Ni­gerians and that history will judge him.

George, who spoke with jour­nalists on Saturday maintained that Buhari presided over what he described as a one-man-show government, where he reneged on the primary responsibility of government.

He said: “Has Buhari’s gov­ernment impacted positively on the lives of Nigerians? My personal assessment is that he failed, though not completely in every sector.

If you do an exam and you are required to have a minimum of 33 percent to go to the next class. But, Buhari didn’t attain that 33 percent, I will give him five percent, even the five percent requires retrospection. The secu­rity, economy, the education sec­tor, health sector, infrastructural sector, the agricultural sector are all poorly managed.

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“The most important thing that you must guarantee your people as a government is the security of lives and property. Nobody is safe now, whether a poor man, rich man, middle income man. When you are walking you have to look, front, left and back. It is heartbreak­ing that the number one job, to guarantee the security of lives and property, has failed.

Atona Oodua added, “When he was coming in, oga (Buhari) told us, he would fight corrup­tion, secure lives and property, and made all kinds of promises.

“So, let’s put those promises into perspective. That is the kind of promises that would put him on the pages of history. Whatever a leader does, will be seen on the pages of history.

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“We have another president on 29th, we must be full of prayers. I have worked with oga (Buhari) before, maybe age is not on his side.

“On the general elections, he said, “He came out around the middle of last year, publicly and internationally stated that he would leave one legacy and that the electoral processes in this country would be second to none in the world.

“He promised that they would buy technology, remove interloper’s manipulators, and that results would be transmit­ted straight from polling units, through Bimodal Voter accred­itation system (BVAS) into the control centre.

“They bought the equipment and did the test run in Anambra, Ekiti and Osun States, and it was flawless. As regards the general elections, Prof. Mahmood Yaku­bu did a broadcast, ensuring Ni­gerians that they had done a test run and everything was okay.

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“On that day, Yakubu told us that there was a glitch. It was disgraceful. It was shambolic. He wrecked my heart maybe be­cause in my profession I was a specialist in weapon technology.

“We have almost hit the bot­tom in all the sectors. There was a time when university students were at home for nine months.

“Looking at our economy, the interest rate was increased by the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Eme­fiele to 18.2 percent. Who can borrow at that rate? The inflation rate is 22.2 percent.

“Nigeria is like a ship that is taking in water and you are not stopping it,” he said.

On whether he would work with the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, if called upon, he said that he has nothing personal against the former Lagos State governor.

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