Aston Malt, Jolly-Jolly Noodles, Paxs Pharmacy, and Soprom Hotels Emerge Anambra Best Brands of the Year

Aston Malt, Jolly-Jolly Noodles, Paxs Pharmacy, and Soprom Hotels Emerge Anambra Best Brands of the Year

Four remarkable brands have emerged the Best Brands of the Year for 2022 in Anambra State, ANAMBRA PEOPLE reports. After careful consideration of numerous nominated brands, the selection committee unanimously chose Aston Malt, Jolly-Jolly Noodles, Paxs Pharmacy, and Soprom Hotels based on their outstanding acceptability, performance, and alignment with the Anambra brand.

The Best Brand of the Year Award is a prestigious category within the annual Anambra Man of the Year Award, dedicated to recognizing Anambra businesses and brands that have consistently delivered on their promises, establishing a solid reputation among consumers. This recognition aligns with the Anambra State government’s commitment to promoting and supporting locally made products.

“These brands have not only enhanced the consumer experience, but they also serve as a connection to our history and way of life,” stated a representative from the selection committee. “They symbolize courage and demonstrate that excellence can be achieved here in Anambra. The selection of these brands as the best is beyond question, as they represent quality in every aspect, and people can testify to this fact.”

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Aston Malt, awarded Best Brand in the Beverages category, is the first malt drink produced by an indigenous company in Anambra State.

ASTON MALT, a product of Eastern Distilleries ltd , Onitsha, is a premium low-sugar malt drink that stands out with its unique rich flavor and sophisticated packaging designed to appeal to discerning consumers.

Jolly-Jolly Noodles, the Best Brand in the Food Processing category, is renowned for its exceptional taste. This instant noodle innovation offers a rare chicken flavor that sets it apart from others in the market. Jolly-Jolly Noodles has quickly gained fame and has an intriguing story behind its success. It is fast securing its market share in the market and has been endorsed by a lot of health organisations.

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Paxs Pharmacy, which will be celebrated as the Best Brand in the Healthcare category, has become a household name, known for providing high-quality products and impeccable services. The pharmacy is staffed by skilled professionals who offer friendly assistance, ensuring the wellbeing of customers’ minds and bodies. Apart from dispensing drugs,Paxs pharmacy brand has been at the forefront of exposing pharmacists in the state to the best training in the field during internship and at early job experience. From Anambra,the pharmacy has exported excellence to over 10 States in Nigeria.

Soprom Hotel and Suites Limited, recognized as Best Brand in Hospitality, redefines the hotel experience by providing classic lodging accommodations accompanied by modern amenities such as a gym and an outdoor swimming pool. The services over time has remained top-notch and unmatched in the industry. In fact ,Soprom hotels has become a standard in the industry.

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The achievements of these brands reflect their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Each of these winners has demonstrated remarkable contributions to their respective industries, reinforcing Anambra State’s reputation for producing outstanding brands.

The Anambra Man of the Year Award is an annual event that serves as a platform to acknowledge and honor individuals, businesses, and brands that have significantly impacted Anambra State’s development and brought pride to its people. The recognition of Aston Malt, Jolly-Jolly Noodles, Paxs Pharmacy, and Soprom Hotels as Anambra’s Best Brands of the Year further reinforces the state’s commitment to promoting local excellence and fostering a thriving business environment.

The event is slated for 1st July at the Stanel Dome, Awka,Anambra state

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