Who Is Afraid Of Hon. Ginika Florence Tor?

Who Is Afraid Of Hon. Ginika Florence Tor?

Our attention has been brought to a very spurious publication by a faceless group described as North Central Youth Coalition wherein they accused Hon. Ginika Tor, the Federal Commisoner representing Enugu State in the Federal Character Commission of hijacking the dinner held over the weekend in honour Sen. George Akume to celebrate his well deserved appointment as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

In the said publication, the group went further to make other outlandish allegations against the person of Hon. Ginika Tor among other things accusing her of extortion from politicians to secure phantom appointments from the Secretary to the Government of the Federation while at the same time launching a vicious attack on her contribution to the victory of the President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the Presidential elections.

Ordinarily we would not have dignified the group with a response but for the purpose of setting the records straight so as to avoid the members of the public being misled by this group paid to carry out a smear campaign against Hon. Ginika Tor, we are constrained to state that all the accusations and allegations contained in the said publication by the so-called North Central Youth Coalition are outright falsehoods with no basis whatsoever.

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To start with, the dinner in honour of the SGF was put together by friends of Sen. George Akume with Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq as Chairman. The reception dinner had many other illustrious individuals as members of the Central Planning Committee which include, Chief Kanayo Okoye the Co-Chairman, Amb. Ginika Tor-Ijeomah as Secretary, Tien Jack-Rich, Dr. Bello Maigari, Sir. Barr. Olusegun Adekunle, Rt. Hon. Omonbowale Idimogu, Dr. Yusuf Maina-Bukar, Sen. Anthony Manzo, Hon. Maureen Agbo, Hon. Umar Tahir, Mr. Christopher Takar, Dr. Bukola Bello Jaiyesimi, Mairo Al-Makura and Hon. Mrs. Mbanumun D. Mwuese.

After looking at the array of people from across the country that planned the reception, as well as the calibre of personality that attended the dinner such as the Senate President and his Deputy, Speaker of the House of Reps and his Deputy, APC National Chairman, Governors, Lawmakers, Foreign Diplomats, Business Executives, and countless dignitaries, it is therefore strange and ridiculous for the group to insinuate that Hon. Ginika Tor hijacked the entire dinner and invited members of Labour Party to the dinner! Are they saying that the Senate President, Speaker, APC National Chairman, Governors of Benue, Kogi etc all worked for the PDP or Labour Party in the last Presidential election?

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The so-called North Central Youth Coalition is simply out to tarnish the image and reputation of Hon. Ginika Tor for no just cause other than to satisfy the cravings of their sponsor(s) who may see Hon. Ginika Tor as a threat to their selfish machinations. We also want to put on record that Hon. Ginika Tor has never betrayed anyone who has helped her so far in her political journey and therefore wonder why the group will be embittered to the point of vaguely accusing Hon. Ginika Tor of betrayal. That Hon. Ginika Tor found herself among the company of great individuals is simply a testament of her personality and the people she associates with including the SGF does not need the advice of a faceless group to reassess their continued association with Hon. Ginika Tor.

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It is obvious that someone is petrified at the meteoric rise of Hon. Ginika Tor in national politics and therefore decided to embark on a campaign of calumny and falsehoods against Hon. Ginika Tor in attempt to paint her in bad light before unsuspecting members of the public and also to try and slow down her rise in politics. Unfortunately for these fellows and their co-travellers, they are not God who bestows blessings and power. As we enjoin the general public to disregard the falsehoods emanating from the North Central Youth Coalition, we ask again, who is afraid of Hon. Ginika Tor?

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