Abuja meeting has no solutions to end Sit at Home, Ohanaeze tackles Govs and leaders

Abuja meeting has no solutions to end Sit at Home, Ohanaeze tackles Govs and leaders

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has commended the Southeast Governors for showing interest to halt the Sit at home orders in the Southeast but the outcome of their Abuja meeting with Igbo leaders has shown that there are no answers in sight to end the insecurity challenges and Sit at Home orders that had incapacitated the economic and social activities in the Southeast, even one of the Southeast Governors acknowledged that the situation at hand is beyond their control,” and the choice of Abuja venue where Igbo predicaments were discussed makes a caricature of it, as it is a clear indication that the conveners and those behind the meetings have lost the control of the southeast to non-state actors and are frightened to convene such meetings in the Southeast, a proof of negligence and defeat”.

Ndigbo should know that the solution to end the Sit at Home orders is in the Southeast not in Abuja, “In search for peace and to stabilize the Southeast, we have met today (Sunday) with critical stakeholders and nonviolent Biafra agitators on consultative sessions to find out remedies and the best approach to resolve the problem and end it once and for all, the council of Elders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Prince Richard Ozobu have faulted why will some Igbo Political leaders who have abandoned their States in the East,will now converge in a foreign land at Abuja and resort to help of foreigners to resolve a matter of Igbo affairs with homemade solutions”.

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Biafra agitators should be conscious of the fact that wrecking down the economy of the southeast and killing innocent citizens through Sit a Home Order will never affect the activities of Federal Government in any way, as the silence of the Past and Present-day Federal Government shows that so far as there is no disruption of oil and gas exploration or threat to national security, Southeast self-inflicted insecurity should go on and devour the Igbos, ” Ndigbo should know that the solutions to end the Sit at Home orders are here in South East not in Abuja and the reasons why those who are opposing the release of Nnamdi Kanu from the Niger Delta and the North, is that they comprehend that some set of political Igbo Leaders are Toothless bulldogs who has lost the control of the southeast to the non-state actors”.

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Nonviolent Biafra agitators and Igbo leadership insist that Igbo political leaders should return home and discontinue moves to beg President Tinubu’s attention, as the President may not be happy with them for not doing the needful to make their Son see reasons why he should form a Government of National Unity with President Tinubu and withdraw his petition from the Presidential Tribunal, ” those who are galavanting in Abuja has not asked themselves this honest questions, how come from 2016-2023 in Abia state, there was zero violence and there is noncompliance of Sit at Home order in Abia on every Mondays, those who made it possible are ready to replicate the solution to the entire Southeast, if the Igbo political leaders are ready to listen, President Tinubu should demand from those who are on Abuja Jamboree to bring onboard those who made Abia State peaceful in the face of Southeast insecurity”.

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Igbo leadership will continue to interface and intercede with critical stakeholders to end the problems in the Southeast and urges Southeast Governors to retrace their steps and come back home to resolve the issue, Ndigbo is yet to see where AREWA, AFENIFERE, PANDEF even the MIDDLE BELT Sociocultural organizations overruled resolving their issues at home, and in their zones to relocate to Abuja in search of shadows”.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide

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