God is angry with Nigeria – Ex-Lagos Deputy Gov, Ojikutu 

God is angry with Nigeria - Ex-Lagos Deputy Gov, Ojikutu 

Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, has said God is angry with Nigeria because of corruption, lawlessness and human wickedness to one another.

She spoke in commemoration of the new Muslim Year.

Ojikutu, in a statement called on Nigerians to turn to God sincerely, saying corruption, insecurity and economic problems people are currently battling with was self-inflicted.

She, therefore, advised Nigerians, particularly political leaders to turn to God and not enact laws and attitudes that are anti-people, noting that the unbearable policies by some of the public office holders are the cause of hardship and criminal activities in the country.

“God is angry because we (Nigerians) see the truth and we decide to follow falsehood and we are worshipping too many deities that are not for God. There is only one God and we worship Him in many ways. But people are not worshipping God sincerely.

“We should use our ways, words, deeds and actions to worship God. You cannot worship God and hurt your neighbour. There is no way you will hurt your neighbour and make someone sad and you will expect God to listen to you when you pray. You cannot see God physically, it is through the person you see physically that you will worship God,” she said.

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According to her, “We are wicked to one another. People owe you; they have the money and they refused to pay. The government owes workers; the government has the money and it refused to pay the workers and they say they should not steal.

People are using human parts for money rituals to match the status of people who have stolen from the treasury. Our priorities are wrong. We have gone to the dog with our morals. We should turn to God sincerely and ask for forgiveness. People should turn to God for mercy and He will have mercy on Nigeria and give us rulers that will not punish us. God should give us leaders that have our interests at heart.

“Nigeria is faulty. The country has been sold. What should have been used as a provision for us has been used as a deal. We must keep praying because there are so many sins hanging on our nation. They have successfully criminalised almost 99 percent of Nigerians and there is no way out,” she lamented.

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Ojikutu said the only solution Nigerians know now is to break laws because the government “makes laws that are impossible not to break. When things are difficult for people they will break the law.

“So, people look for shortcuts in other to survive and in the process, they break the law. Think about those that bypass electricity meters or those that forge their certificates. If you read the Holy Book and look at what is happening in Nigeria, it shows that God is angry with this country. Everybody must be prayerful because God is angry and giving us a chance to repent, but we are missing that chance every time.

“We are not doing things in the way of God. This hike in petrol pump price should not be, we know where the money is. There is enough country money in the hands of a few to rescue this nation. It only needs a courageous patriotic leader to change the narrative.

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“Our commonwealth in the hands of the few can be plowed into the economy to revive it, create jobs, carry out massive reorientation, tackle terrorism with determined security and make agriculture attractive.

“We should turn to God sincerely, not by physically going to church or mosque. We should be sincere in our hearts and deeds. The people governing us should have the fear of God in their hearts and bring policies that will make life easier for the common man. 

She added that “God wants us to deliver His message, whether or not people listen. Everyone should reflect on their actions, look inwards and resolve to make and take God’s fearing choices.

“Government should not start running on ‘Who dares to challenge us’ platform. God is promising to challenge if no turnaround! Wages are not commensurate to labour performed. While some are extraordinarily incredibly super high to a handful, some are not living wages to the majority. This must be adjusted appropriately. It is annoying our Maker.”

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