Actor Yul Edochie, Judy Austin unite amidst backlash

Yul Edochie, Judy Austin

In a show of unwavering support, Yul Edochie and Judy Austin have joined forces to combat online condemnation and criticism that has recently surrounded his mourning process.

The pair’s united front has sparked attention and admiration across social media platforms.

Yul Edochie, known for his prolific acting career and strong presence on social media, faced backlash from a segment of the public who criticized how he mourned the loss of his son.

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In the face of this criticism, Judy Austin stepped forward to defend Yul and assertively called out those attempting to tarnish his name.

Taking to her social media, Austin posted a heartfelt video passionately advocating an end to the negative scrutiny directed at Yul Edochie.

In her post, she stated, “I’ll no longer sit back and watch some wicked and frustrated people try to destroy Yul Edochie’s name. Enough is enough. Come for me and I’ll come for you 10 times. Come for Yul Edochie and I’ll come for you one thousand times.”

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Edochie was quick to respond with gratitude, sharing his appreciation for Austin’s support. He praised her as “Ijele Odogwu,” a term indicating deep respect and immense support, and expressed his belief that the heavens would reward and bless her for her kindness.

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