Nigerians are calling on us to overthrow Tinubu – Nigerian Military

Nigerians are calling on us to overthrow Tinubu - Nigerian Military

The Nigerian military has described those calling on the armed forces to topple the government of President Bola Tinubu as “unpatriotic” following the Niger’s coup that ousted President Mohammed Bazoum

It condemned such calls and noted that it would fail, saying it was wicked and an attempt to distract the military men performing their constitutional responsibilities.

“The reports calling on the military to interfere in our democracy is highly unpatriotic, wicked, and an attempt to distract the Armed Forces of Nigeria from performing its constitutional responsibilities,” said Brigadier-General Tukur Gusau, defence information director.

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Mr Gusau dismissed reports on the poor welfare of the Nigerian military, saying personnel were happy with the democratic government and would not sabotage Nigeria’s hard-earned democracy.

“The Defence Headquarters frowns at a report being circulated online about welfare issues in the Armed Forces of Nigeria. We wish to state unequivocally that the military is happy and better under democracy and will not get involved in any act to sabotage the hard-earned democracy in our country,” he said.

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“While the leadership of the AFN gives priority to the welfare of its personnel however, we detest any attempt by any individual or group to instigate the law-abiding Armed Forces of Nigeria to embark on any unconstitutional change of government in our country.”

Mr Gusau’s statement comes two few weeks after coup plotters in the Niger Republic ousted Mr Bazoum from office, eliciting a pro-military coup among Nigerians who are urging the armed forces to step into the country’s leadership position due to the perceived failure of the democratic government.

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Niger coup plotters have detained Mr Bazoum since his government was toppled on July 26, rebuffing all entreaties and ignoring sanctions and condemnation from ECOWAS and the international communities.

ECOWAS leaders had charged the regional body’s standby force to restore order

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