An Open Letter To Our Leader And Father President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR

An Open Letter To Our Leader And Father President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR

Your Excellency Sir, we would like to begin by commending you on some of your laudable achievements in less than six (6) months in office. This is a clear testament to your commitment and passion to your renewed hope agenda and a better Nigeria. However, the purpose of this open letter is not to discuss your achievements. This letter is intended to address some issues which we consider pertinent and extremely urgent.

Your Excellency Sir, we have observed with total dismay, shock and a deep sense of abandonment at the continued neglect of members of the APC in Rivers State; most especially we, the younger generation. It is important to note that what we have as APC in Rivers State today are a combination of individuals who joined your journey from the Action Congress (AC), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) or even the grand merger of the All Progressives Congress (APC). These individuals exist, and have over the years devoted their time, energy, and resources to ensuring the progressive spirit remains resolute in Rivers State.

Years have past and today our efforts have now yielded fruits in your election as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; sadly, rather than relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour in your victory, we are faced with what we consider as total disregard, neglect and victimization by the same system we have toiled and suffered for over the years.

Sir, we are amazed that under our government, card-carrying members of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Rivers State are being appointed and nominated into Federal Boards, Parastatals and Agencies at the detriment of our party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State. This is a party that has severally suffered the high-handedness of the PDP and its leaders in the State who committed every resources at their disposal against us. This actions over the years, have caused us pain, agony and loss. Most recently, we lost our fellow party member Chiosom Lennard during his attempt to defend the mandate of OUR great party from the hands of overzealous members of the opposition; properties damaged, and dreams shattered all because we stood for this party. DID WE MAKE A MISTAKE?

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Recent developments have seen appointments made in favour of members of the PDP leaving our teeming supporters and Party faithfuls nonplussed and extremely perturbed. Sir, it is important to take a look at the provisions in our parties constitution: Article 9 (3) (iii) of the APC constitution states as follows “APC-led Governments at all levels shall accord qualified members of the party priority in appointments to positions in ministries, departments and agencies.”

As loyal party members of the APC who have paid our dues and made enormous sacrifices for the Party at different times right from its formative stages up till the general elections that ushered in the Your government, we find this situation utterly worrisome, especially, in light of our Party’s misfortunes in the State which is very much known to the President.

Having carefully studied the situation and the grave political dangers it portends, particularly to the survival of our Party, the APC in Rivers State, we wish to firmly state as follows:

  1. That we re-affirm our total support for your Excellency and the leadership of our Party, the All Progressives Congress, APC .
  2. That we express our total confidence in your ability to lead the nation well and uphold the internal mechanisms that allow for a functional and robust Party across the 36 States and the FCT.
  3. That we vehemently and outrightly condemn and reject the continued nomination PDP chieftains into Federal Boards, Agencies and Parastatals in our own government at the expense of our Party in the State.
  4. We consider these nominations and appointments grossly offensive and a clear disregard to the sensibilities of our teeming loyal supporters as well as a threat to the continual survival of our Party as they tend to further arm the PDP against the APC in Rivers State. This is not only capable of weakening the Party further in the State, but also undermines party loyalty and commitment.
  5. We are fully aware of the disconnect between the state and federal organs of the party, which originated from the disrespectful hobnobbing and statements by some allies of Your Excellency who openly dined with the PDP actors in the State; and fueled by rumors, lies and the antics of same players. This is well known to us but shouldn’t be our waterloo.
  6. We call on Your Excellency who we know is a total party man and understands too well the importance of Party sustenance through effective reward system, to quickly look into the matter and make amends in the interest of the Party and its teeming members in Rivers State.
  7. We also invite you Mr. President to pay further attention to the provisions of Article 9 (3) (iii) of the APC constitution which states as follows “APC-led Governments at all levels shall accord qualified members of the party priority in appointments to positions in ministries, departments and agencies.”
  8. While we agree that Your Excellency has the prerogative of deciding who to appoint into any position you deem fit, we are appealing to you Sir, Mr. President to exercise such powers considerately in fairness to members of his Party in Rivers State.
  9. Sir, It is our belief that you can find eminently experienced and highly qualified individuals in the Party in Rivers State who can occupy such exalted position or any other position without jeopardizing his renewed hope agenda. Therefore, we appeal to you, Mr. President, to look within and pick a member of our Party for such appointment in line with Article 9 (3) (iii) of the APC constitution.
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Once again Sir, we express our confidence in your ability to lead the nation, preserve our Party the APC and encourage loyalty and commitment to the Party.

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Vivian Nwenekorum, Napoleon Worgu – Port Harcourt LGA
  2. Priestley Nna, Walter Akani – Obio-Akpor LGA
  3. Awens Kelvin, Kelvin Opele – Okrika LGA
  4. Hon Sydney Abel, Alagba Sampson – Ogu–Bolo LGA
  5. Godspower Igwe, Walter Olaka – Eleme LGA
  6. Zornata Akekue, Promise Geregere – Tai LGA
  7. Dumka Gbaraba, Eric Mene – Gokana LGA
  8. Stephen Deegbara, Baridakara Gbarato – Khana LGA
  9. Princess Ogbonna, Hon Azu Peters – Oyigbo LGA
  10. Martins Ogolo, Ezekiel Dappa – Opobo–Nkoro LGA
  11. Simon Awajiokibek Jacob, Ogbilikana Prince Sampson – Andoni LGA
  12. Ibitoru Green, Edward Brown – Bonny LGA
  13. Wabiye Idoniboyeobu (ANIPR),
    Figbenesime Gogo-Abite – Degema LGA
  14. Barr. Ibiba Tokunbo Okunye-Olu, Charles Cotterell – Asari-Toru LGA
  15. Douglas Dodiyi-Manuel, Precious Georgewill – Akuku-Toru LGA
  16. Princess Oye, Believing Wariboko – Abua–Odual LGA
  17. Precious Alechi Iyeuwa, Okedike Andy Upadhi – Ahoada West LGA
  18. Asita Eshimvie john, James Samuel – Ahoada East LGA
  19. Ifeanyi David, Chinwa Akiakwo – Ogba–Egbema–Ndoni LGA
  20. Mfata Mfata, Okah Chris – Emohua LGA
  21. Justice Chigonum, Chinanny Nwobisike – Ikwerre LGA
  22. Chinwe Dcheeck Austin, Endurance Nnaji – Etche LGA
  23. Orga Udochukwu Victor, Chikwe Emmanuel – Omuma LGA
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For, and on behalf of all Concerned Youths of Rivers State APC

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