Peter Mbah’s 100 Days In Office: A Future Programmed To Happen

Peter Mbah's 100 Days In Office: A Future Programmed To Happen


Peter Mbah is synonyms with development and innovative ideas. Shortly after the conclusion of the 2023 general elections, for which he sort for the votes of Ndi-Enugu to be their governor, Dr Mbah wrestled through a lot of malicious plots and political intrigues to become the number one citizen of Enugu state. It was by the benevolence of the citizens that he had won the election.

As the plots and intrigues massed, there were also special interest persons and groups within and outside Enugu state, Mbah’s home and primary political base, to snipe away his political relevance and future. However, by being unassailable, with massive goodwill of supporters and strong support by Ndi-Enugu, Dr Mbah made a historic inroad to the lion building.

Grandiosely, Mbah who left the shores of his high rated business umpire, had no problems scaling through the murky waters of politics. Having been duly elected governor by Ndi-Enugu, his traducers did not rest as they continued to sponsor and launch coordinated media attacks on his person, all in their bid to make sure that he was never sworn in as constitution required by the law.

Despite all the campaign of calumny and media darts from very known and close quarters, Dr Mbah triumphed and, subsequently, was sworn in as governor of Enugu state. A cerebral mobile son of Owo, began his journey with the signing of the three executive orders on assumption of office on the 29th May, 2023, exactly a 100 days today. The Governor moved swiftly to take charge of the state of affairs of Enugu, and in order to make a difference by bringing his midas touch to successfully achieve goals making Enugu a new modern city, and the most top three in the country.

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Since 100 days ago, various leaders in different categories, including the business society and private sector stakeholders, including the foriegn government functionaries like the British high Commissioner to Nigeria, have besieged Gov Mbah’s office. They go on solidarity, business meetings and other visits, assuring the Governor of their unreserved support, partnership and availability to help turn things around in the state. Gov Mbah is a purpose driven leader. He understands the importance of peace, business economy and economic development. These he considers as a bedrock for growth and development for any given society. In the last 100 days, Gov Mbah has succeeded in reinforcing peace through multifaceted collaborations with the Nigerian security agencies to bring Enugu back on track.

Gov Mbah is an effective and prudent leader, and economic manager. Within 100 days as governor, he has resolved to ensure there is water in Enugu as he had promised during the campaign that Ndi-Enugu should entrust him with their mandate to bring back water within a space of 180 days, today, he has almost achieved that humongous vision. The governor has identified about 81 critical road infrastructures, and received the State Executive Council’s approval to rehabilitate, reconstruct and build additional new 10 rural roads that will enable rural inter-connectivities and open up Enugu for business growth. Gov Mbah is on a mission to restructure the state from a public civil service to a private sector driven economy with a roadmap to open Enugu for business investment, development and industrialization. He has embarked upon a comprehensive restructuring process that will not only reveal the reasons for Enugu’s years of rot and failure at poor management being deliberately neglected by the political actors. But he is set to fight corruption, reform the governance structure, bring about effective management of projects, render a bankable state and improve her quality of service delivery.

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Gov Peter Ndubuisi Mbah is passionately driving by his vision to do things differently, and for his quest for a better Enugu thriving for growth and development in the southeast region. Within 100 days in office, Mbah has decided to establish a state trust fund initiative that will create and sustain jobs for 40,000 youths annually in the tech hub innovative programs. The governor is set to uncommonly transform Enugu state. Since 100 days ago, Gov Mbah has developed the roadmap, complete with all necessary frameworks and collaborations to attract direct foriegn investment to Enugu, to actualize this, the governor had hosted an Enugu roundabout investment summit on September 1st, 2023 to enable him diligently drive this lofty vision to realization. As expected, in few weeks from now, the roll off phase for road infrastructure development will kickstart with over 81 roads being identified to be reconstructed, and 10 new gets fresh construction, and medium and setting up of small scale industries for employment opportunities is underway.

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With the sustained support of relevant stakeholders, Ndi-Enugu and leaders of thought, it is expected that in the new couple of months, hitherto abandoned projects and programmes for the overall benefit of the people of Enugu, would be seen throughout all nooks and crannies of the state. It can only be better, as the uncommon disruptor trudges on. Indeed,

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