I used to wake up very early sweep the church – Ruger

I used to wake up very early sweep the church - Ruger

Nigerian Dancehall sensation Ruger has recently opened up about his spiritual life, shedding light on his deep-rooted faith.

Ruger, whose music has played a significant role in shaping the Nigerian Dancehall scene and catapulting him to mainstream success, discussed his belief in God during an interview on the 90s Babys Show.

The artist, who recently dropped his debut album ‘Ru The World,’ revealed that he is a spiritual individual who doesn’t shy away from expressing his devotion.

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According to Ruger, he firmly believes that wholehearted service to the church brings abundant blessings. He shared a touching anecdote from his past, recounting how he used to wake up at 5 a.m. to diligently clean the church compound as an expression of his faith.

In September 2022, Ruger surprised his fans by announcing on his Instagram story that he had committed his life to Christ.

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This revelation delighted his followers, as it confirmed the Dancehall sensation’s status as a born-again Christian. His past actions, such as cleaning the church, serve as a testament to his unwavering Christian faith.

In a previous conversation with Apple Music, Ruger also revealed that he maintains a spiritual connection through prayer and introspection. The opening track of his debut album, “Tour,” offers further insights into his spirituality.

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While fans may find it challenging to reconcile Ruger’s music and sensual performances with his newfound born-again lifestyle, the versatile artist appears to have successfully struck a harmonious balance between his faith and artistic expression.

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