Obi Cubana Reacts To Viral Story About Him, Wife

Obi Cubana Reacts To Viral Story About Him, Wife

Businessman and socialite Obi Cubana has debunked a viral story about how he and his wife, Ebele struggled out of poverty, beginning life as laundryman and woman, living in an uncompleted building.

In an Instagram post, Obi Cubana, whose real name is Obinna Iyiegbu trashed the story as fake.

Before he waded in, Mazi Jude Pondis, a social media influencer has also dismissed the story in a Facebook post, writing:

In as much as Obi Cubana had his own share of strugg|es before becoming great today, the public should be aware that there was never a time Obi and his pregnant wife was running laundry services for people and there’s no such story that they washed clothes for somebody and the person didn’t pay, making them to trek a long distance in the middle of the night with his heavily pregnant wife as at a time. That story was not from the Cubanas. Obi started his business as a peppersoup seller in Abuja and his wife was coming around his shop to patronize him, that was how he summoned courage, asked her out and that was how they got married. Sometimes I just feel like Obi Cubana and wife should organize a marriage seminar for single people to coman learn how to marry marriage because these couple are huge inspiration to singles and marred people. He knows how to take care of his wife and the wife don’t play with him. They’ll last 600 years in marriage I’m sure of that

Here is the fake news making rounds. Please stamp it fake anywhere it rears its head.

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Obi Cubana Break Silence .

When my wife was carrying my younger son Zillion in her womb, she asked me to promise her a gift when she puts to birth.

2months after, Zillion came.

A month later when I was sure she could go out with the baby, I took her to a big phone shop.

She had asked me for a particular phone.

My mother inlaw went with us. I didn’t know she was listening to our conversation with the dealer.

When she heard the price, her mood changed immediately. The front desk guys noticed it but couldn’t ask why.

Standing right there, I took my mind back to years ago when this woman was with me in an uncompleted building.

One night being our first day of washing clothes for people, we had finished this set of dresses and the owner asked us to deliver that same night.

We had not eaten since morning because the little money we had, we used it for buying of soap and starch.

We waited and eventually went to the man’s house at 9pm when he returned from work and handed the clothes to the wife.

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She took it into their room.

1hour later, no one came out to see us. We waited and waited until the househelp finally came out and excitedly I felt she brought our money.

She approached me and said she wants to lock the door, they’re going to bed.

My wife was pregnant, she had not eaten and her stomach was beginning to hurt.

We got up, walked out and left their compound. They never paid us till today. It’s been a decade and yesterday evening I went to wash my car, lo and behold, the man who pleaded with me to park it in his own side so he could wash is the same man whom I washed dresses for and he refused to pay me till today.

He didn’t even know me.

I only introduced myself when I paid him and was driving out. Never seen a human statue but I think I saw a human being stand like one yesterday.

That night he did that to us, my wife and I trekked a distance going back because we didn’t have any money for byke.

Finally we saw one boy charging phones for people, my wife gave me her small Nokia phone for us to use and borrow money from that boy so we could eat.

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The boy graciously gave us 1000naira and kept the phone. We never saw that phone again.

Back at the phone shop, I knew nothing could equal the price of her sacrifices. I brought out my card and gave them to pay for the phone.

Till we drove home, my mother inlaw didn’t say a word in the car. She was worried that her daughter just wasted my money.

She called her into the room and started complaining bitterly and my wife told her a little story about us.

She couldn’t hold back her tears and she came into my room to say thank you Inlaw.

When you have a wife that stood with you in your trying moments and she fought with you to conquer, the little you can do is appreciate her.

Show her you have not forgotten her love and sacrifices.

Several marriages hit the rocks during trying moments. If yours survived because your spouse had to stand with you, never take it for granted.

This is not the type of women that compare to other people she thinks they does better than you in the issue they are referring, is for the women that will sincerely support you without judging you.

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