Donald Duke: The Gabbling Of A Lost Sheep

Donald Duke

By Iso Etim

I hate to talk about Donald because I think he’s a product of a political error. One that should never have happened in the history of our dear State.

The man questioning people’s state of origin is the most mysterious Governor we have had in the history of Cross River State. Everything about Donald is questionable, from his name to his tribe, certificates, all open to doubt. Donald Duke till date has not shown anyone his father or mother’s family compound. His mother was recently buried in Ogun State.

While other Governors spent 8 years, building foundations, investing in critical infrastructure and saving for the future, Donald spent his acquiring loans to invest in elitist projects with no vision for sustainability. He institutionalized thuggery and political assassination. Show me one of Donald’s loan financed project that has generated ¼ of what was invested in it.

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While some might argue that his projects failed because succeeding administrations paid little attention to them, it is important to note that all of them were destined to fail from the period of their conceptualization. Even when Obasanjo, then President of Nigeria warned against Tinapa, Donald still went ahead to invest over 400 million dollars, majorly sourced from loans for a project that was destined to fail. Donald spent billions on merriment and elitist projects in a society with so many challenges, ranging from bad rural roads, healthcare challenges and poverty.

There’s one interesting thing about Donald, he knows he lost political relevance the day he left office as Governor, so he rambles whenever he wants to build public conversation with his name as subject. Tell me one political battle Donald has won since he left office in 2007, and I will show you a man that licked his elbow with his tongue. I don’t think there is any candidate that ran for President under the SDP that could not deliver his polling unit for himself.

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His name is associated with lots of immoralities. Donald, alledged to be strongly involved in homosexual activities is also regarded as a con man who goes about sniffing people’s pockets to prey on them given any chance.

Donald’s recent rant sounds like a gossip that originated from the lip a drunkard, who told a lie to entertain people in a local palmwine joint just to earn tips to pay an outstanding debt. The Ita Giwa he is trolling lives a glamorous and comfortable lifestyle while he moves around like a political liability looking for a prey to fist on.

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Everybody knows Donald was completely empty when he ran for the office of Governor. Liyel and Gershom packaged him like a nice looking empty carton of biscuit. Same people he will later go on to betray, because he is all about himself. Since he left office, every single political struggle associated with Donald has failed.

Today he is everywhere, whining his waist like a Palace maid, looking for where to take his cheap gossips and can of lies to, all for dollars.

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