The Moment A Nigerian Man Cautioned His Younger Sister For Entertaining A Married Man (Video)

A video has captured the moment a Nigerian man cautioned his sister for entertaining a married man.

He shared the video on his Instagram page where he was angry that his sister allowed the conversation to continue this far.

The young lady admitted the married man had asked her out about two months ago but she refused his advances.

However the brother remained angry that she kept talking to him while using a sweet tone of voice instead of blocking him.

According to him, one day she would get married and she wouldn’t be comfortable if another woman was speaking to her husband in such a manner.

He believes these married men are future destroyers and will only bring ill luck if you continue to associate with them.

Ending the video, he promises to deal with her and break her SIM card if he finds out she still entertains the relationship with the married man.

Watch Video Below;

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